Add-On Vision & Mission

Add-On Vision

» To empower the students for workplace and life

Add-On Mission

» Providing empowerment workshop and training to students that foster workplace readiness.

» Providing empowerment counseling that builds stronger self -efficiency to face the challenges and learning needs of daily life.

» Providing students with facilities that help them in their vertical and horizontal progression.

» Inculcating qualitative improvement of teaching-learning, evaluation.

» Retraining teachers for capacity building for empowering the students.

» To promote knowledge and value-based education through academic excellence.

» To train self employment.

» To inculcate spirit of leadership among the students.

» To constantly improve the quality of academic inputs.

                             OFFICE OF THE PRINCIPAL


In view of the guidelines of IQAC prescribed by NAAC, the following backdrops are to be noted.
   1. Nominated members shall be for a period of two years.  
   2. The IQAC should meet at least once in every quarter.  
   3. The quorum for the meeting shall be 2/3 of the total members.  
In pursuing of the above, the following staff members/Students/Alumni are nominated for the period of two years w.e.f 1st January 2016.
   1. Principal  Chairman  
   2. Mr. Joseph Mathew  Member/Vice-Principal.  
   3. Mr. A.Myrthong  Member /representing governing body.  
   4. Dr. J.P. Marak  IQAC co-ordinator.  
   5. Dr. A.Malhotra  Member i/c. Research Committee for Science Faculty.  
   6. Dr. Marco Mitri  Member i/c. Research Committee for Arts.  
   7. Miss. I. Sahkhar  Member i/c . Research Committee for Commerce.  
   8. Mr. K. Sharma  Member i/c. Examination committee.  
   9. Mr. Stanley Sohlang  Member /Representing Boys Hostel Warden.  
   10. Miss. Narasha Mawlong  Member /representing Girls Hostel Warden.  
   11. Mr. Ezekiel Rymmai  Member i/c. Estate.  
   12. Mrs. R. Kharumnuid  Member i/c. Library.  
   13. Mr. K Jyrwa  Member i/c. Finance.  
   14. Mr. B. Mawlong  Member i/c. Documentation and Presentation of SSR and AQAR.  
   15. Mr. Alpha Sawkmie  Member i/c. Sports and Extra Curricular Activities.  
   16. Mr. D. Kharlukhi  Member i/c. NCC.  
   17. Dr. J. S. Wahlang  Member i/c. Editing.  
   18. S.R.C.  Member (one).  
   19. S.C.M.  Member (one).  
   20. Alumni  Member (two).  

Activities & MoUs.


The College has signed the following Memorandum of Understanding with the different Institute and professional bodies to enhance the quality of education.

1.  MoU with Bishop Heber College, Trichy, Taminadu (2013)

2.  MoU with The Meghalaya State Swimming Association (2014)

3.  MoU with The United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia, New York, Hongkong (2015).

4.  MoUs with Prof. Tilak Chaterjee, Principal, Bankim Sardar College, Kolkata for External Quality Assurance (EQA).

5. The college has also entered into MOU with the Indian Council for Cultural Relation (ICCR) for admissions of international students at the UG Level.




In 2015, the College was awarded with the Green Award from the Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Ri Bhoi District, Govt. of Meghalaya as part of the Meghalaya Green Campaign.

The College also won the inter college volley Ball conducted by NEHU in the women’s category. While the boy’s team came up short as runner-up.

The College Swimming Team also emerged as Winner in the State Swimming Competition in 2014 in the Men’s Relay Freestyle.

NCC: Combine Annual Training Camp at Umroi Cantonment 2014.

» 1st in Singing - Anthony Kaphunsin Panmei.

» 1st in Tent Pitching - Ngamminlen.

» 2nd Prize in Shooting - Miss. Angela Lalmuanzuali.

» 3rd Prize in Shooting - Jehova Lalsiemrem.


The boy’s Football Team lifted the Inter College invitation football tournament 2013.


The College bestow upon teachers and student’s Awards of Academic Excellence, Sports Award in each academic year based on the University’ Result and the External Quality Assurance Academic Audit.


Best Practices


The College has instituted the following policy/mechanisms so as to enhance quality education as best practices:

1. Academic Audit for Teaching faculty.

2. Students’ Mapping so as to identify slow learners/IQ/MQ, etc.

3. Green Audit/Policy for environmental Management of the College Campus.

4. Herbal Garden.

5. Honesty Shop to enhance Value education in the College Campus.

6. The college has its own Documentry Film potraying the History of the college till date.

7.  Use of Smart Card in Library.




The college every year conducts an Annual Quality Assurance Report to assess the activities and the performance of the teaching faculty.

   » 2011-12  
   » 2012-13  
   » 2013-14  
   » 2014-15  
   » 2015-16  

          Vision and Mission


To produce leaders of integrity and respected citizens of society and the nation


To empower stakeholders for devel- opment, sustenance and enhancement of quality in life