Add-On Vision & Mission

Add-On Vision

» To empower the students for workplace and life

Add-On Mission

» Providing empowerment workshop and training to students that foster workplace readiness.

» Providing empowerment counseling that builds stronger self -efficiency to face the challenges and learning needs of daily life.

» Providing students with facilities that help them in their vertical and horizontal progression.

» Inculcating qualitative improvement of teaching-learning, evaluation.

» Retraining teachers for capacity building for empowering the students.

» To promote knowledge and value-based education through academic excellence.

» To train self employment.

» To inculcate spirit of leadership among the students.

» To constantly improve the quality of academic inputs.

                                  Admission To Hostels


1. Admitted students are to apply for the hostel in the prescribed form for hostel accommodation.

2. Admission /Mess receipts have to be shown to the warden prior to occupying the hostel room/seat. Anyone found violating this shall forfeit his/her hostel seat.

3. Hostel accommodation will be allotted for one academic year at a time. Every student shall submit a fresh application for admission to hostel in every subsequent year of study. The application should reach the Warden of the hostel concerned day before the commencement of the academic session each year. Re-admission will be permitted only after the resident is admitted to a programme of study and after furnishing proof of having paid all hostel/tuition dues.


1. All hostellers are to love and respect each other and to stay in an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity.

2. All hostellers are to pay an annual membership fee as prescribed by the Governing Body.

3. All hostellers must stay in the room allotted to them.

4. All hostellers are to be in their rooms during the study hours from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. and from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

5. During study hours, Common Room shall be closed and absolute silence shall be observed.

6. All hostellers should be back in their rooms after evening chapel

7. Hostellers are not to leave the campus without the permission of the Vice- Principal / Principal and the warden concerned.

8. The Principal or Vice Principal on the recommendation of the Warden may grant for overnight stay on a written request from the parents/local guardians of the hosteller. Such permission shall be granted only once a month. Residents granted overnight stay permission should be issued passes in which the date and time of return to the hostel shall be indicated.

9. A hosteller who stays out for any length of time without the written permission of the Warden shall forfeit his/her seat.

10. Visitors of the opposite sex will be allowed entry only up to the Visitor’s room. The Warden shall have the right to deny to any entry into the hostel.

11. Residents shall be personally responsible for the care and cleanliness of the rooms allotted to them and for the surrounding of the hostels. They shall also be responsible for the safe upkeep of the fittings in the rooms’ furniture, other items supplied to them, and any breakage will have to be compensated for. More than the prescribed furniture will not be allowed in the hostel rooms.

12. No resident shall remove any property from the Common Room to his or her own room.

13. Use of unauthorized electrical or electronic appliances in the room is not permitted.

14. While the usual and necessary precaution for security of residents would be taken, the college, however, shall not be responsible for any loss of private property of the residents of the hostels. Residents should take measures for the safe keeping of their property. Residents must provide their own locks for their allotted rooms.

15. The college reserves the right to withhold the results of any course of a hosteller who does not clear all hostel fees/dues in time or for misbehaviour. The Warden shall bring such cases to the knowledge of the Principal for necessary action.

16. Keeping of pets/animals in the hostels is strictly prohibited.

17. The college reserves the right to take immediate occupation of any hostel room/seat that has been forfeited.

18. The use of Television sets in hostel rooms shall not be permitted.

19. Personal computer may be used in the hostel rooms only on a written permission from the Warden.

20. Consumption of alcoholic beverages and narcotic substances is prohibited. Any resident found violating this rule shall be immediately suspended / expelled.

21. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the College Campus

22. Hostellers are not to carry food from the Refectory to their hostels.

23. Food will be served in the Refectory only during the serving time.

24. Hostellers are to take active part in the work projects organised in the hostels and college.

25. All hostellers are to regularly attend the Chapel service, hostel prayer service.

26. All hostellers are to vacate the hostels during long vacations. However, a ward may stay for a specified period of time with the permission of the concerned Warden.

27. Any student involved in communal fight will be expelled/suspended from the college

28. Students are liable to be questioned or physically checked by the Security Staff of the College.


Dress Code for Boys and Girls are to be strictly followed by Hostellers & Day-scholars, failing which heavy fine will be imposed.

Dress Code for Boys:

1. Decent dresses are preferred

2. They should not put on any type of earrings

3. They are to maintain a decent hair style (Long hair not allowed)

4. Shirts should be buttoned and no form of indecency written on their T- Shirts.

5. Trek Pants, Short pants, Bathroom slippers, Caps, Headbands are not allowed in the Classroom, Chapel and Office premises.

Dress Code for Girls:

1. They are not to wear tight pants and skirts

2. Bathroom slippers, caps, headbands are not allowed in the Classroom and Office premises

N.B.: A copy of the MOU will have to be signed by students who have been admitted for every academic session.

          Vision and Mission


To produce leaders of integrity and respected citizens of society and the nation


To empower stakeholders for devel- opment, sustenance and enhancement of quality in life