Add-On Vision & Mission

Add-On Vision

» To empower the students for workplace and life

Add-On Mission

» Providing empowerment workshop and training to students that foster workplace readiness.

» Providing empowerment counseling that builds stronger self -efficiency to face the challenges and learning needs of daily life.

» Providing students with facilities that help them in their vertical and horizontal progression.

» Inculcating qualitative improvement of teaching-learning, evaluation.

» Retraining teachers for capacity building for empowering the students.

» To promote knowledge and value-based education through academic excellence.

» To train self employment.

» To inculcate spirit of leadership among the students.

» To constantly improve the quality of academic inputs.

                                      Programs Offered


In the Semester System, the following Courses of Study will be Honours Degree:

   i) Bachelor of Arts (B.A)  
   ii) Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)  
   iii) Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)  


Course of Study (OC-8):

   The Course of Study will be Honours Degree of Bachelor of Arts (B.A), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc), Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) and Bachelor of various Professional Courses which are complete course by themselves as stated above.  


UGC Sponsored Certificate Courses for Career Oriented Programme:

   i). Nutrition  
   ii). Fashion Design and Interior Decorations  


College Sponsored Certificate Courses

   i). Women Studies  
   ii). Geographical Information System (GIS)  
   iii). Beauty Parlour  
   iv). Computer Application  

          Vision and Mission


To produce leaders of integrity and respected citizens of society and the nation


To empower stakeholders for devel- opment, sustenance and enhancement of quality in life