Add-On Vision & Mission

Add-On Vision

» To empower the students for workplace and life

Add-On Mission

» Providing empowerment workshop and training to students that foster workplace readiness.

» Providing empowerment counseling that builds stronger self -efficiency to face the challenges and learning needs of daily life.

» Providing students with facilities that help them in their vertical and horizontal progression.

» Inculcating qualitative improvement of teaching-learning, evaluation.

» Retraining teachers for capacity building for empowering the students.

» To promote knowledge and value-based education through academic excellence.

» To train self employment.

» To inculcate spirit of leadership among the students.

» To constantly improve the quality of academic inputs.

                    STUDENTS’ SUPPORT SERVICES


The NCC is one of the youth organizations which functions to develop character, secular outlook, comradeship, discipline, leadership and ideas of selfless service amongst the youth. The campus trainings are carried out in the College regularly with the help of local resources. The Annual Training Camps (ATC) held every year are organized in Umroi Cantonment Camp. Cadets taking part in these camps are awarded with B and C certificates. The College has an NCC Army wings for both boys and girls under Meghalaya Battalion which extends support to the NCC in all their activities.


The NSS volunteers of UCC Unit participate in various activities viz. Special Camp at the adopted village, Umsaw Khwan, Pre - Republic Day Parade Camp, University Advisory Committee meeting, Blood donation programmes, Campus cleaning and white washing, Advocacy workshop on HIV/AIDS, Tree plantation programme etc. Our unit also conducts Free Eye check-up-cum-awareness programmes for the College community and neighbouring villages. The College extends support to the NSS in all their activities and upholds the motto of the NSS “Not Me But You”.


The fitness club opened the opportunity for the students to qualify in physical fitness so as to meet the challenges in terms of sports and other extracurricular activities during their stay in the campus. The College extends support to the club in terms of finance and human resource etc.


The students who have enrolled in science streams are entitled to conduct research projects pertaining to herbal medicinal plant in the herbal garden sponsored by the UGC within the College campus. Other students from different streams can learn the scope of medicinal plantation as a career during their studies. The College has a rich infrastructure to provide the students the scope of learning.


The students who enrol in the English department are entitled to initiate the club as a literary club which empowers students in literary skills through book reviews, creative writing, debates, reportorial skills etc. The club will be supervised by teachers of English department of the College. Also, it opens membership of any student of different streams. The College extends support in all their activities.


It is committed to artistic enrichment and appreciation of theatre of students. Here, the activities are designed to impart theatre education that emphasizes interactive education, personal growth, and professional preparatory training and community involvement. Dramatic Club performs occasionally selected classical plays that have been prescribed for the course of study. The Department of English takes keen interest to spot the students who have a flair for the arts and brings out their potential and latent skills. The College provides support to the club in their activities.


Sports and games are essential for the development of a healthy person. Students are encouraged to take part in sports and games and made to understand that ‘a healthy mind resides in a healthy body’. The Sports and Games club is established to develop athleticism, to keep students healthy and in good spirits. This club provides specialised coaching and training opportunities for committed performers and empowers them to compete in inter-college and state level competitions. The College provides scope, financial resources for all their activities.


The College being residential in nature has a close bond between students and teachers. This relationship within the campus creates an opportunity to identify oneself as students and teachers with the sense of belonging to Union Christian College. Thus Alumni Association provides the platform for developing this relationship between the past and the present. Alumni members also support the College from time to time whenever the need arises. The College provides support to this Association by setting up units in different states of North East India and in all their activities.


This forum is initiated by Student Christian Movement of the College to instil the spirit of selfless service among the students. This forum will also be under the supervision of the College nurse to help the poor and the needy in times of emergency. The College extends support in all their activities.


The Cell maintains a conducive and fair educational ambience and redresses the grievances at individual and class level and grievances of common interest, including that of staff. Complaints dropped in the ‘Suggestion Box’ by students and parents and oral complaints are redressed from time to time. All complaints are scrutinized by the Principal and the Grievance Redressal Cell. The Cell helps to maintain an encouraging academic atmosphere.


Internal Quality Assurance Cell was established in order to raise the institutional standards to higher levels so that the institution makes sustainable improvement in Quality. IQAC acts as an agency for all quality related activities of the institution, establishing procedures and modalities to collect data and information on various aspects of institutional functioning. The Cell focuses on quality initiatives, quality sustenance, and quality enhancement in accordance with NAAC guidelines. The College extends support in all the activities


The movement is to bring all religions in a common platform in order to conduct value-based education in the Chapel.


The Council is the official students council of the college. It is made up of elected class representatives from the different classes in order to conduct extra-curricular activities in the College.

          Vision and Mission


To produce leaders of integrity and respected citizens of society and the nation


To empower stakeholders for devel- opment, sustenance and enhancement of quality in life