Higher Education, in any context and more so in the contemporary context of globalization, is a prerequisite for the supply of highly qualified and trained manpower. It is also seen as the key to social cohesion and to mitigate the consequences of globalization.With the dissemination and proliferation of information through the use of technology, a higher education institute nowadays is expected to invent new and innovative methods that involve continually accessing, evaluating and applying techniques and strategies, engaging in constructive interactions that extend the knowledge, and liaising with the local community.

In the light of such conditions, any intellectual endeavor needs a system of review for success or failure of its basic practices as determined by an authorized body of professionals; in other words, to assess its worth.


Paradigms may shift, opportunities for transformation may be provided, the output can be standardized but the quest for excellence continues. That is how complacency is checked. Having completed five year tenure of Assessment, Union Christian College acknowledges that it is important to redefine the responsibilities so as to create the best possible learning environment for the main stakeholders, and enjoy the journey with all its highs and lows.

In the beginning, our idea about Quality Assurance was not only inexact and tentative, but nowhere were we aware about the “what” and “how” of quality assurance.

After getting assessed by NAAC, although the importance of quality in Higher Education was felt, the conception about quality assurance remained limited in the implementation of the recommendations by NAAC. While fulfilling such recommendations religiously, certain questions consistently haunted in the backend of our mind.

Is quality a destination or a journey?

How quality as a process should be and could be comprehended?

How quality could be made a defining element in our institution?

We reviewed literature, we explored the experiences of HEIs across the globe, we shared the wisdom of experts in this field and we soon realized that if quality is to be our identity then there is a necessity of obtaining inputs from experts in this field so that quality initiatives do not become adhoc and piece-meal efforts. Based on such realization the college embarked on to weave a synergic relationship with External Quality Agency, with a definite objective of understanding what is to be done and how to do the needful. During the last two years such synergic endeavors has enriched us with two understandings.

Qualitative development is not any numerical increment but net value addition to stakeholders.

Quality is not a destination, but a never ending journey.

With this reoriented vision and understanding we have prepared for reaccreditation, and we confidently believe that such reaccreditation by NAAC now and in the years to come, will enable us to make quality the defining element of our existence.

I welcome the National Assessment and Accreditation Council to Union Christian College for our reaccreditation in the year 2017.

Thank You