Union Christian College is a “minuscule North East'' embracing a diverse and complex multi-cultural ethos where ideals, perceptions and aspirations vary. Within the framework of such diversity the only way equity can be ensured is to make good quality education available to all in an ambit of natural physical space, the teaching-learning process, the strong presence of the Chapel, the calendar of events, good teacher students relationship - all of which provide a conducive ambience that is most beneficial for the spiritual growth of the stakeholders.

This is evident in the community and diversity of its inmates who break out of their insularity while still retaining their distinct identity, as also display their creative talents, organizational and leadership skills. A perusal of the list of its alumni will reveal that such a value-education incorporates both change and continuity, and leads to an all-round development of the students and prepares them to be responsible members of society at large.


                                              Brief Profile


   Vision and Mission

The Union Christian College was established on 14th August 1952. It received the Grant –In-Aid from the Govt. of Meghalaya on1stApril 1993.


The College is situated in Ri-bhoi District of Meghalaya which falls under backwards District of the State as per UGC list.

To produce leaders of integrity and respected citizens of society and the nation

The College falls under Rural and Tribal areas of the State as per UGC list

Add-on Vision:

The College comes under Minority Status as per UGC list

» To empower the students for workplace and life

The College caters to Tribal and Backwards Community of the whole North East India


The College is Residential in nature with an area of 170.2 Acres of land.

To empower stakeholders for development, sustenance and enhancement of quality in life


The College has UG Programs consist of Arts, Science and Commerce

Add-on Mission:

The College was Re – Accredited by NAAC in March 2012 in the second cycle at B Grade Level

» Providing empowerment workshop and training to students that foster workplace readiness.

The College has International Students from South Africa, Uganda, Myanmar and Bangladesh

» Providing empowerment counseling that builds stronger self -efficiency to face the challenges and learning needs of daily life.

The Colleges has Student from North Eastern States such as: 1.Arunachal Pradesh.2.Mizoram 3.Manipur 4.Nagaland. 5.Assam, 6.Meghalaya and also from Bihar and West Bengal

» Providing students with facilities that help them in their vertical and horizontal progression.

The College run Certificate Courses on :- (i) Nutrition 2.Fashion Design 3.Beauty Parlour. 4. G.I.S 5.Basic Computer

» Inculcating qualitative improvement of teaching-learning, evaluation.

The Faculty have a requisite qualifications with research background and rich teaching experiences.

» Retraining teachers for capacity building for empowering the students.

                                         College Anthem

» To promote knowledge and value-based education through academic excellence.

Bless UCC fair home of hopes and dreams,

» To train self employment.

Amid fields of fragrance and delight;

» To inculcate spirit of leadership among the students.

Perennial fountains, rivers, rippling streams,

» To constantly improve the quality of academic inputs.

The splendour of the starry skies at night;
Here there is a beauty, here the forest grow,
And here the sunshine, rain and freshening breeze;
Combine to make a little heav'n below,
A pool of peace among the friendly tress;
Here is our dwelling, here we strive and yearn,
For these rich gifts Thy wisdom can impart;
And through our common fellowship to learn,
The vision promised to the pure in heart;
Thy hand O Lord, has been upon this place,
Still may we follow and obey thy call;
And grant that we continue in thy grace,
And on this College let thy blessings fall.